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About The Fellowship

Join Us Sundays for Joy in Worship

Seven Terrace Meditation begins at 10:30 a.m.

Service begins at 10:45 a.m.

Children's program and nursery are available.

We are an Interfaith Church and Spiritual Center that provides weekly "Joy in Worship" services and spiritual study through counseling, teaching, and healing. We are dedicated to assisting one another in spiritual growth, and in living by Love.

Founded by the late Paul Solomon


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Fellowship of the Inner Light
is to create a mutually supportive community
and sacred space
in which each person may experience an intimate, uplifting relationship
within Mother-Father God.

Expression of Purpose

We are an interfaith spiritual community that honors each individual's path and the core teachings of all world religions and spiritual masters
which hold Love, Light, and Joy to be the nature, character,
and manifestation of God.

Our ideal is to express Christ Consciousness, which means we honor the Presence of God within each of us and all Creation. We support one another in our individual and collective realization and expression of Christ Consciousness, as embodied in the life and teachings of Jesus and other spiritual masters.

We affirm the Oneness of God and the Great Commandments of Love
and seek to live our lives exemplifying these principles.

We are committed to being good stewards of the creative energy that flows through us manifesting as spiritual, financial, and other resources;
we share these resources with each other and the greater community.

We provide a home for Sunday "Joy in Worship" services,
community activities and fellowship; spiritual study and practice;
counseling, teaching, and healing; and making available
the readings and teachings of Paul Solomon,
founder of the Fellowship of the Inner Light.

So Be It

Where Are We?

We are in the block between Cypress and Mediterranean Avenues. Parking is at Cooke Elementary School, 14th Street and Mediterranean Avenue. The school prefers that you park on the 14th Street side of the parking lot, where possible.

For evening events, on-street parking requires special parking passes. We are issued a limited number of these passes for those who need them for parking after 8:00 p.m. You are still encouraged to park at Cooke Elementary School.

Please call ahead if you need help with entering through the wheelchair ramp, or send someone in to ask for help. Our handicapped entrance is in the back of the building. It can be accessed from the driveway.

620 14th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
United States

Phone: (757) 428-5782
Fax: (757) 428-7643

Contact the Fellowship at or 757-428-5782

Paul Solomon

Paul Solomon

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