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Special Events

Reading by David Berry

David Berry, a longtime Fellowship member and ILC Guide, gave a channeled reading for the Fellowship on Saturday, January 9, 2016.

The question posed was: "How can we best do our part to bring peace in this time?"

You may click on the button below to download this reading in its entirety.
(Microsoft Word document, 72 KB)

Saturday, February 13


Owing to travel problems.

Will be rescheduled.

“Songs from My Heart
to Yours”


Chris Van Cleave

and Friends

Songs from My Heart to Yours

Saturday, February 13
7:30 p.m.
Fellowship of the Inner Light

Love Offering: $10

Beginning his singer/songwriting career with Paramount Records, in the group "Meadow" which included Laura Branigan, Chris Van Cleave has written hundreds of songs in many genres, created the scores for three musicals, and independently produced eight albums. He has opened for Kansas, Poco, Eric Burdon, Leon Russell, and Buckwheat Zydeco, and has performed across the United States (including Hawaii), the Virgin Islands, Great Britain, Norway, Canada, and The Netherlands.

Chris's music has been described as "food for the soul," and an "infinite palette of colors." Drawing from a myriad of influences including melodic rock, jazz, blues, reggae, country, and folk, he laughingly calls it "eclectic."

Chris has been writing songs for over thirty years and many now seem prophetic. With the major upheavals that are happening in the world, resulting in the challenges within each of our lives, he is frequently told that his songs help encourage, bring joy, and "serve as a healing balm" to the listener. The avid "punner" will enjoy his tongue-in-cheek use of lyrics, and many stand alone as insightful poetry.

Along with his unique style of acoustic guitar playing—blending syncopated rhythms, intricate finger picking, and various open tunings—Chris has a rich and melodic voice that slides easily from bass to tenor.

As an actor, Chris starred in national tours of Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar, played leading roles in Les Miserables and Chess in London West End theatres, and has been featured in numerous American regional productions.

Professional accomplishments aside, Chris's concerts are personal, heart connecting events, where great music, insightful lyrics, audience participation, and a journey through shared life experiences inspire us to move forward as individuals and at One with each other.

Saturday, February 20

Cinema at the Fellowship

“The Sacred Science”

The Sacred Science

Saturday, February 20
7:00 p.m.
Fellowship of the Inner Light

Suggested Donation: $3.00

The Sacred Science (2011):
Director: Nicholas J. Polizzi
77 minutes

Eight people. Eight illnesses.
One journey into the heart of the Amazon jungle

They went looking for alternatives to the modern medicines that failed them. What they found would change their lives forever.

Diabetes. Prostate cancer. Alcoholism. Parkinson's disease. Just a handful of many common illnesses that Western medicine has been inadequate in curing or treating.

Witness the story of eight brave souls as they leave the developed world behind in search of deeper answers.

Living in seclusion for one month in the heart of the Amazon jungle, these men and women take part in the powerful healing practices of Peru's indigenous medicine men, working with centuries-old plant remedies and spiritual disciplines.

In their most desperate hour, these patients are forced to confront not only their physical ailments, but their own spiritual and psychological barriers in the process.

Five will return with real results, two will return disappointed, and one won't come back at all.

Watch the Trailer for the Movie Here:
The Sacred Science - Trailer

You can see a different trailer on The Sacred Science website:

Popcorn, snacks, and soft drinks are available at a low price.

Come and enjoy the movie and then share and learn as we discuss the spiritual lessons the movie offers, and how they can be implemented in our lives today.

March 10, April 14, May 12, and June 9

Oneness Blessing

Michelle Lanchantin

Oneness Blessing

Thursdays, March 10, April 14, May 12, and June 9
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Fellowship of the Inner Light

Love Donations Accepted

Deeksha Blessing

High Energies during a Oneness Blessing in India

Michelle Lanchantin will be leading Oneness Blessings in the Sanctuary. We are blessed to have her wonderful energy here.

The Oneness Blessing is a transfer of divine, intelligent energy.

The Oneness Blessing process works by creating a neurobiological shift in the brain and awakening the energy centers (chakras) in the body.

This shift in consciousness frees you from the suffering created by the mind, balances the body's natural healthy and healing energies, and attunes the brain with the fields of unity, bringing an end to the illusion of apparent separation.

Once initiated, it is a gradual Awakening process that leads you naturally to a lasting state of Oneness, Inner peace, and Well being.

Saturday, March 12


Lowell K. Smith

The International Association for Near-Death Studies welcomes Rev. Lowell K. Smith to its next meeting.

Lowell is a gifted intuitive who helps people gain valuable insights into all of life's arenas.

He focuses on what you want to know about your life purpose, career options, talents, relationships, health, finances, personal issues, and belief systems, all for guiding you to your greatest potential.

He has the special ability to access information from the Akashic Records—the holographic record of everything a soul has done in a past or present life—as well as potential paths a person has the possibility of creating for their future.

With his ability to read Auras and energy patterns, Lowell's special interest is in helping today's New Millennium Consciousness children understand their unique strengths and powers as Indigo, Crystal, Star, and combination energy children.

Lowell is a Priest of the Order of Melchizedek.

For a more extended Bio, please visit

Morning Presentation:
"Understanding NDEs and NDE-like Experiences"

Lowell will talk about NDE Experiences of People he knows, has read about, and with whom he has discussed their NDE Experiences, and talk about his NDE-like Experiences, and the NDE phenomenon in general. Lowell has been Psychic all his life—he wrote a book about it, holds weekly classes, and teaches workshops on the subject. He is also a lead in "ghost tours." Communicating and interacting with deceased entities and the Spirit Realm is an everyday (actually every moment) experience for him. NDEs are similar to many of his Out of Body, Past Life Recall, and Exploration experiences.

Saturday, March 12, 2016, from 10:00 to Noon at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. (the Association for Research and Enlightenment), 67th Street and Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach.

Suggested donation: $10.00 at the door. No one turned away, capacity permitting.

After the meeting, all are invited to a local restaurant to continue the conversation.

Afternoon Workshop from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. (Note the new time!)
"Creating our own NDE Like Experience Through Guided Image Meditation"
In this afternoon workshop, Lowell will talk about Near-Death Experiences and, with the help of the Audience, discuss the difference between an Actual NDE experience and Deep Meditation, Past Life Regression, and Out of Body experiences. He will conduct a Guided Image Meditation Experience to help participants explore an NDE-like experience, and then have an Open Discussion to allow participants to share their own experience. Lowell will talk about how to use this or similar Guided Image Meditations to help you expand your connection to, and communication with, the Spirit Realm.

A donation of $15 is requested for the workshop.

On Sunday, March 13, Rev. Lowell K. Smith will be the featured speaker at the Joy in Worship Service, speaking on Creating a Richer Communication with the Divine. He will talk about some of his experiences as a highly Psychically Sensitive child in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church, and his experiences in Churches today. He will also offer suggestions for creating a Richer, two-way Communication with the Divine Within. The Joy in Worship Service begins at 10:45 a.m., with a meditation beginning at 10:30.

All presentation sessions will be videotaped. Copies on DVD will be available for a $10 donation to VBIANDS plus $2 shipping and handling if needed.

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For more information about VBIANDS, information on past and future speakers, or to join our mailing list, please visit our website:

Currently the Board of VBIANDS would welcome any financial gifts to help us stabilize our budget. Super Saver tickets would be especially helpful.

Speak to any one of our Board members, including Dick Dinges, Bob Clapp, Elena Viada, Neil Helm, Lloyd Kremer, Jeff Jones, or Kaye or Larry Sturgis.

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