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Special Events

Saturday, April 4

Captain Leo Walton

The International Association for Near-Death Studies welcomes Captain Leo Walton to its next meeting.

Captain Leo Walton has been living on board "The Sea Spirit" with his wife, Wendy, for twenty years.

U.S. Coast Guard Retired Captain Leo has operated, built, repaired, and inspected over two thousand five hundred ships and pleasure craft, served on seven hurricane catastrophe teams, and sailed over twenty-five thousand miles.

In 2007 Captain Leo was electrocuted, experiencing a Near-Death Experience resulting in a "Kundalini Awakening." Suffering severe Traumatic Brain Injury, the electricity damaged most systems of his left brain.

Currently Leo is a Yogi, Reiki Master, ordained minister, writer, and artist. Leo's writings are massive, on a series of topics including Sun Gazing / Surya Yoga, the Giza Pyramid, Bioenergetics, and his Healing Spiritual Transformation. He has also written over a hundred and fifty poems and recorded over three hundred and fifty original instrumental guitar songs.

Since his accident, Leo has developed sensitivities as a Geomancer—the ability to feel subtle energies—becoming a lay expert in bioenergetics.

Morning Presentation: "Giza: How to Start the Sun!"
Captain Leo will explain his Theory on how the Great Pyramid of Giza was a massive Capacitor / Transformer, with over twenty natural energy streams supplying the "juice" to Giza. His new Hypothesis suggests that the Ancient Egyptians were Masters of all natural energies, and used them to create a Utopian world, an Oasis in the middle of the desert. Leo will explain the direct relationship between the Egyptian Sacred Flower of Life, The Sacred Cubit Geometry, the Nile River, the Giza Pyramid, the Earth's Grid System and the Human Body. He will also talk about his theory on how Edgar Cayce's visions of Atlantis relate to Giza.

Saturday, April 4, 2015, from 10:00 to Noon at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. (the Association for Research and Enlightenment), 67th Street and Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach.

Suggested donation: $10.00 at the door. No one turned away, capacity permitting.

After the meeting, all are invited to a local restaurant to continue the conversation.

Afternoon Workshop from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.: "Sun Gazing: Surya Yoga"
Leo will share his magnificent experiences learned directly from Sun Gazing. The psychological and Spiritual healings he has gained have been astounding. Learn how this free, absolutely healing method can work for you. Adhering to HRM's Protocol on safe Sun Gazing, Leo will explain the results. To get started, Google for a free e-Book, "Living on Sunlight," PDF.

A donation of $15 is requested for the workshop.

On Sunday, April 5 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., Captain Leo Walton will give a Presentation / Workshop very similar to the Saturday program described above; so tell your friends and family about it! The workshop is located at the One-Eleven Art Gallery, 111 Pennsylvania Avenue, Norfolk, off upper Granby Street, across from the Riverview Theater. Space is limited. For reservations, please contact Suzanne Watson at 620-4766. Admission $15.

All presentation sessions will be videotaped. Copies on DVD will be available for a $10 donation to VBIANDS plus $2 shipping and handling if needed.

The official website of Virginia Beach Friends of IANDS is

For more information about VBIANDS, information on past and future speakers, or to join our mailing list, please visit our website:

Currently the Board of VBIANDS would welcome any financial gifts to help us stabilize our budget. Super Saver tickets would be especially helpful.

Speak to any one of our Board members, including Dick Dinges, Bob Clapp, Elena Viada, Neil Helm, Lloyd Kremer, Jeff Jones, Suzanne Ortiz, or Kaye or Larry Sturgis.

Sunday, April 5

Easter Sunrise Service

Easter Sunrise

On the Beach at 67th Street
Sunday, April 5
6:30 a.m.

Join us for an Easter Sunrise Service on the Beach at 67th Street at 6:30 a.m. Dress warmly!

The service will be facilitated by Bruce Shelton and Tom Baker. All are welcome!

In the event of rainy weather, the service will be moved to the third floor Meditation Room in the A.R.E. Visitor Center, 67th Street and Atlantic Avenue.

Sunday, April 5

Passover Seder Potluck

Traditional Seder Meal

Traditional Seder Meal

Sunday, April 5
Following Sunday Service
Fellowship of the Inner Light

Although Passover officially begins on Friday evening (the 15th of Nisan), we're celebrating a Seder Potluck following our Sunday Service.

This will be a Kabbalistic interpretation of the Seder, which looks at the events of Passover not as external history but as an internal growth experience.

This will be a potluck. Non-kosher dishes are fine, but it would be courteous to avoid dishes containing pork, ham, or shrimp.

The rules regarding food choice and preparation are not being rigorously observed, although certain traditional Seder Meal dishes will be available.

Join us for good fellowship in honoring this ancient tradition.

Contact the Fellowship at or 757-428-5782